Hemparillo Bubble Gum


These hemp wraps from Royal Blunts are made from the leaves of industrial hemp plants and resemble traditional blunts. You can also roll these wraps like a blunt. However, these hemp wraps are 100% tobacco-free! Depending on your preference, the hemp wrap can be used with or without a filter tip. The leaf burns more slowly than conventional rolling paper. Just like blunts, hemp wraps do not have an adhesive edge.

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The Hemparillo wraps are 100% tobacco-free and naturally made to elevate your smoking experience. These tasty Royal Blunts wraps come infused with various flavours that not only taste good but also give you a smoking experience that’s one of its kind.

The large size of the blunt wraps is perfect for people who love longer smoking sessions, and come with ziplock packaging to re-sealed after every use to keep them fresh and flavourful. Every packet comes with 4 hemp blunt wraps.


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